DIY Self Watering Planter

Ok. it started when I tried to grow tomatoes last year but forget to water when needed, it didn't go well and the plant died. I decided self watering is the way for Tomatoes, but the cost of container deterred me for a bit.

I Marie Kondo the house at the start of the year, and I was left with a few empty Rubbermaid totes. I search online how to make a DIY Self watering container using the totes..

There are many videos online, but found this video on Wicking Bed Build to be very clear. I used 2 liter soda bottles, donation from friends. I added the holes in the bottom and cut off a few inches off the top of each bottle. I found it tough to cut the holes in the Rubbermaid lid, so be carefully when cutting. 

 I chose to include the PVC pipe to make it easy to fill (many uses for PVC pipe online).  I added two overflow holes, one on either side of the long side of the tote. 

I covered the top of the pipe with piece of landscape fabric and a hair tie to keep it in place, to keep out mosquitoes. I also covered the overflow holes with landscape fabric a little loosely, and used duck tape to keep in place to keep out mosquitoes.

To give the planter mobility, it sits on a Caddy with wheels so I can move it around as I wish. 


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