My Vegetable Patch

This year I decide to take it a bit further on My Garden Patch, and grow some vegetable for my table. My Roma tomato plants were grown from seeds. I kept only 2 plants and gave away as many as I could, tiny seeds equal many plants. 

A friend gifted me with two Stella Dora transplant for my flower garden, and I repurpose the hanging basket from the delivery of the Stellas to grow Strawberries 

I saw a cool idea on You Tube video How to Raise Container Sweet Corn In Walmart Shopping Bags  I had to test it out and this gave me the motivation to try and grow something I enjoy, but otherwise would not grow.

The Vegetable patch is completely in containers and my flowers and shrubs are in ground. I am using a combination of DIY self watering containers, grow bags and regular plant pots.    

End of May 2019, Vegs and Herbs in pots/bags 
Thyme in front, Sweet Mint in back

Roma Tomato, Cherry Tomato and Basil DIY
Self Watering container 
Roma tomato in front, Scotch Bonnet Pepper
plus Marigold 

Corn in Walmart Bags and DIY Self Watering container 

Bush Cucumber
Bush Bean


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