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Tour Adventures of 2016

May 2016

I always find touring cities intriguing because with all the modern changes there is history all around you, if you take the time to stop, look, then explore.

I saw a Smithsonian Museum right in the heart of Manhattan on my previous tour of the city in 2015, so naturally I had to visit.

 The Museum of American Indian.

June 2016

The Philly & Amish Country day trip tour started in the city's historical district, the walkabout took us pass some of the notable buildings, The First Bank of United States, The Mint, Carpenter's Hall, Betsy Ross House and Franklin Court Market Street houses.

Carpenter's Hall

I was fortunate to meet Chris the Resident Woodcarver at the Amish Farm and House, and had a pair of wooden spoons personalized.

September 2016

Soho Little Italy Chinatown Tour

Soho Street Art

The tour kicked of on the weekend prior to start of the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy, so all the street decor was up, the restaurants were doing good business, as people from all walks of life came out the enjoy the pre-event energy it was festive. 

I had ice cream at Ferrara's yummy.

I saw there was an Italian American Museum along the way, I anticipate a visit in the future.

Then off to Chinatown we go for some Dim Sum and view a few games at Columbus Park.


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Install Rain Barrel and Compost Tumbler

Growing up we always had rain barrels, and this growing season, I wanted to incorporate a rain barrel in my garden and added composting for a bit of sustainability. A local botanical garden offers free classes on sustainability, using native plants and rain garden.

I thought of doing a DIY rain barrel but with all the planting I was doing, a bit of help is worth it, so I bought a rain barrel and compost tumbler, got a good deal from my town.

Lots of research online later, I found the perfect downspout rain water collection system by Oatey to channel the water to my barrel. I bought 2 Oatey system so I may make that DIY rain barrel yet :-).

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Thank you Peter for an exciting day and it was great meeting all the fellow sewists from around the country and those from far away lands.

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I like items from Period, Victorian, Medieval, and Regency time frame like clothing, accessories, novels, home decor, photos, movies, and music .  The Victorian foreign postcards I purchased in the lower garage area of the flea market. I like the clothing of that period, …