Travel Adventures first half of 2015

May 2015

Seeing The Who at Jazz Fest was so great, we had to do it again, we caught The Who again at the end of May as they pass thru on their 50th anniversary tour at Forest Hills Stadium, the opening act was Joan Jett she rocked.

I say my rock music appreciation and education has greatly improved, he worked at introducing me to rock music and bands that would suit my taste and a few drinks helped too.  Fortunate for us our seat overlooked The Who's  off stage hang out spot.

Had a nice tropical rummy drink before the concert

  April - May 2015

The plan was to go to New Orleans at start of May to catch our cruise to Mexico, but why not spend a few days in New Orleans before our cruise. I could not find an available hotel at a reasonable price, because major event Jazz Fest was the weekend we plan to visit before we sail.

Not one to miss an opportunity we updated the plan. I used my trusted Airbnb to find a place to stay in New Orleans, and we would attend Jazz  Fest Saturday, and sail on Monday.

In lovely New Orleans we had Beignet at Cafe Du Monde, we got lucky and the line was slightly longish, so worth it. We had lunch at Coop's Place,still thinking about that meal soooo good. So good too was a local spot we got a sandwich late one night and ate it while sitting on the sidewalk, yep it was that kind of night, don't judge. 

We hang out at some cool spots on Frenchman street, and got wasted of course on Bourbon Street. We have to go back, two and half days is not enough, look at the details on the houses.

On to Jazz Fest at the end of April, he got to see one of his favorite group The Who perform on Saturday and I got to see one of my favorite performer Pitbull on Sunday an unexpected surprise. Thanks to the couple and child who could not attend Jazz Fest on Sunday and sold us their ticket at half price at breakfast.

They could not attend due to the muddy mess of a concert ground from the rains the day before we were in the thick of it, right muddy we were on Saturday, so what is a little more heh. Score!

The Who



A cruising we went to Mexico, on the very big Carnival Elation, we stopped at the port in Cozumel and did some snorkeling, he did, me I just watch. Then we went to the beach more my style, it was a fun day.

Next stop port Progresso, then excursion inland to visit the capital city of Merida such an historical city, and we visited the Merida Cathedral with iconic cross and the City Hall.

Cathedral Dome

City Hall Inner Courtyard
In the city center our next destination the Piedra De Aqua Hotel Boutique for our class on how to make authentic Guacamole and Salsa.

We started with a quick class on how to make a good Margarita, then on to making Guacamole and Salsa two styles hot and mild, and ended with learning how to dance the Salsa after a few glasses of Margarita. What a trip they sure know how to party.

Yeah we could have gone to see a ruin, but drinks and guacamole won out. We got to take home the recipes, so we were impressing all our close friends and family with our guacamole and salsa making skills, life is good.

April 2015

He loves horseradish the hotter the better, so why not attend the Horseradish Festival in North Fork, a few people thought I was nuts, but life is what you make it, I say live a lot.

It was a small event but a good one, you had your usual festival food especially those that compliment horseradish.  I did not know there was such different flavors of horseradish Holy Schmitt's. We took home a few jars and I made sure to get one of each flavor as gifts for my work friends, that raised a few eyebrows.

What goes well with fiery horseradish but a nice cold craft brew, right next to the festival is the Long Ireland Beer Company, the person who planned this event, I  hope they earned extra horseradish and beer. 

I am not much of beer drinker, I tend to take a sip from his cup.  I got my own grown up glass of Raspberry Wheat beer...Yummy! I also bought the T-Shirt for St Paddy's day, a girl has to maximize all opportunities.


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