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French Country Style Small Table

The last few years I find I becoming more inspired by French Style, I like the quaint look of distressed wood, antiques, softer tones, and comfortable relaxed atmosphere mixing old items with the new.

This small table project is a practice run, before I start a bigger project to take on an old chest and re-purpose into a television stand.

I read about using chalk paint which can be a bit pricey. Since I will be doing a larger project I decided to make my own chalk paint, and test it out on a small table.

The Internet is filled with various DIY instruction on how to create your own chalk paint, I went with Salvaged Inspirations homemade chalk paint recipes and I am glad I did. I was going to use Plaster of Paris but switched to the No. 1 choice Calcium Carbonate which I bought on Amazon as the chalk agent to add to my Eggshell paint.

I did come across Plaid Home Decor Chalk Paint in 8 oz size, plus clear wax, white wax and antiquing wax. I picked up a few colors at Jo-Ann for future projects.

I found the French Typography on The Graphic Fairy, and use Liquitex Matte Gel Medium to transfer the image to the table I got it at Michaels. A Beautiful Mess Blog  outline how the transfer process works on canvas (it is the same for wood), plus on blog they answered a few questions on the process

After painting and transferring image, I did some sanding to distress the table, then wax table first with clear wax then a bit of antiquing dark wax to give the table an aged look to complete.  I did hours of research but once I started it took me only fours days till completion on Friday.

It is hard to let a project go after completing, but this small table is ready for the spotlight...ready for some cafe or tea.

After Gel Transfer the width of paper 
created an edge I had add gel to fill
 in the sides to get the top uniform

Wax sitting on top of table before it was painted

For my first chalk paint project I am happy how it turned out, and for developing my French Style I invested in a magazine and a few books  to help me achieve those looks.

French Style magazine early summer issue
Creating the French Look by Annie Sloan
Inspired You by Marian Parsons (Miss Mustard Seed)
Dramatic Faux Finishes by Louse Hennigs and Marina Niven


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