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Vacation San Francisco

It was only April but reviewing these photos makes the memories fresh of San Francisco, had a great time and would definitely visit again.  The city had many special places and the photos only give you a sample of what is offered.  San Francisco did not disappoint in architectural designs it is a beautiful city.

Had and enjoyable ferry ride across the bay to Vallejo to meet our Platypus Wine Tour guide, then off our group went to visit (4) four Napa wineries, Silenus Vintners, Arger-MartucciHopper Creek and Michael Mondavi Taste Galley.  What a great experience that was, next trip must do Sonoma wineries.

I traveled across the Golden Gate Bridge on a Taste of San Francisco & Beyond tour to Muir Woods and Sausilito, and stopped to take some pics of the famous bridge.  The following day went to Golden Gate Park to visit the de Young Museum had to see the exhibit of the painting Girl with the Pearl Earrings.

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco from across the Bay
Cable Car
Lombard Street (Crooked Street)

Chocolate, Chocolate Love it

Sea Lions Sun Bathing

Seal Lion
Alcatraz out in the Bay 
Phlox at Alcatraz
 Silenus Vineyards

View from back Porch at Michael Mondavi Vineyard

de Young Museum Observation Deck
View from Observation Deck

Union Square Outdoor Art Show

Postcard Row Houses


  1. Wow! Looks like you had a great trip!
    How are you?

    1. Had a great time, taking easy trying to make a few more skirts


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