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San Francisco and Sewing

Just returned yesterday from a week vacation in San Francisco, not only did I attend Pattern Review Weekend I took a much needed vacation to the lovely city since this was also going to be my first time visiting California. Pattern review weekend was awesome along with meeting guest speaker Sandra Betzina, I met a few new PR friends, Marcia, Jennifer, Michele, Rosalia, Tina and so many more, this was my second PR weekend and it was good to see some of the PR members I met at my first PR Weekend in NYC 2012 plus Deepika, Bonnie and the other volunteers. Deepika, Sandra Betzina and Bonnie Sandra Betzina brought her sample garments for some of the patterns she created for vogue, it was nice to get a up close look at the completed items, plus frabric and color choices. The best though was the information Sandra shared on fitting, having only sewn for a short time, fitting to me was always daunting, apart from taking in the sides of an item that was too big, that was the extent o