Recharged and ready to Create

Took some time off, had a birthday in March, visited Jamaica, but did plenty of reading.  I found I needed to get my focus back, had too many things going at once, and now I am recharged, rested and ready to get going again.

I received some wonderful treasures, knitting needles, dishes, sewing box and a charming sewing table from a lovely lady by the name of Shirley, she was the sweetest lady and I will miss her.

I discovered this lovely pink and white gingham window panel wrapped around some of the dishes, after further inspection I realized it was the perfect size to make a pair of pillow cases.  All I did was wash and iron the panel then cut it in half sew up 2 sides and I was done.


  1. Hi Sann! So good to hear from you. I hope you had a wonderful b-day and a great vacation.

  2. Hi Audrey I had a great time on vacay, now that I have gotten my focus back, I am also trying to get back to eating right and exercising more. I trying to find a balance so each area of my life gets the much deserved attention.


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