Quilt Top

I have completed my lap quilt top, I only need to add a small border, still debating if I want to add one, and then I need to create my quilt sandwich and quilt all layers together. 

The quilt can easily become a full size quilt by adding wider sashing strips between blocks and a wide border on all sides, but I am sticking to the lap quilt option.

It took some time for me to sort out my own layout of each block. I chose to connected my blocks on the long side, 5 blocks at a time then long sashing that I join between each row of 5 block panel, the instructor went with the 4 block sashed together method.

I chose to go with a dark blue backing fabric, there were a few colors that stood out in these blocks, one of them was the blue, and I wanted a more neutral color on the back since each block had so much white and other prominent colors.  But to keep quilt back interested I went with a floral print.

Quilt top with Sashing all blocks connected

All 20 Quilt Blocks
Quilt Back Fabric


  1. Great job working on your quilt. I can't wait to see the finished project!

  2. Thanks Audrey, I am looking forward to doing the actual quilting, trying to find a simple design style, then bind the edges and complete.


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