Creating & Organizing Tips and Tricks

I have come across many little tips and tricks, to improve my sewing, organize my space and improve my blog on the web, here are a few of my favorites.

How to Track Your Wardrobe

One site that is chock full of tips and tutorial is Coletterie, but I am liking the tip on how to track your wardrobe.  Sarai created a template to track her wardrobe, she even included a free template if you wish to track your own wardrobe.

I like this idea because one never knows how many pair of pants one owns, especially black pants and I own quite a few.  I probably should not buy any more black pants but I can't seem to stop.  Maybe this process will help me curb this habit, and possibly add a different color pants or skirt and dresses.

Shaping Sharp Corners

Shaping corners can be a challenge, and I get frustrated, so I was ecstatic to get this tip from Tilly and the Buttons to help simplify shaping sharp corners.  My corners always came out bulky or not quite pointy, but not anymore.

Polka Dot Tee 

Miranda over at One Little Minute blog created The Easy Polka Dot Tee it is such an easy project to create without sewing.   I love the idea, because you can create a unique design with a Jacquard Tee Juice fabric marker.

Blogging Tips

I started blogging in the summer of 2012, at first I look at other blogs to get an idea of the type of design I liked, and while blogger has great tools to get you up and running, it was great to find tips from an experience blogger like Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking blog.

Suzannah's wrote a list of Blogging Tips  that helped me understand some the cool features and design I can add to the blog like the search feature, using real pictures and keeping the design of the site simple.

I did turn off the captcha and I also turned off moderator, when I comment on a site I like to see my response right away, simply, easy and fun.


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