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Traditional and Modern Dresden Blocks

I tend to absorb lots of information but some points I do not connected until later on.  Like this point, Amy has been teaching me how to make traditional plus the modern techniques for some blocks LOL.  The Dresden as I now know it is called always appear complicated, but it is not that difficult, it is actually fun to make, circles can be tricky, but taking it slow made it much better. Traditional Dresden Plate (July)   Modern Dresden Wheel (July)

Holiday Treasures

Gift giving is so great and I always preferred a nicely wrapped gift over a gift card, however when I decide to sew some of  my own garments a little over a year ago Nov 2012, I was given a gift card, and I went wild buying sewing notions, fabrics and books. So this holiday season I was very happy to only get gift cards and when I said I prayed for it, believe me I did every night.  I was especially fortunate this season, I received a magazine subscription for InStyle one of my favorite mag., a scarf, chocolate, gloves, gift cards, Christmas cards, hugs, food, well wishes and from my secret Santa I received these... Cascade Yarns - Jewel Hand Dyed - 100% Peruvian Wool Anzula-  Haiku  & Fiesta - Baby Boom - Vanilla Four hand dyed hanks of pure wonderful yarn, I gushed when I opened my gift and everyone thought I had lost my mind, it is like seeing cute little puppies ahhh.  With my yarn I also received Knit Picks interchangeable needles and needle wraps, Lantern Moon c

Greek Cross & Octagon Blocks

These two blocks were more straight forward than the May blocks, but that did not make them less fun expecially the Greek Cross, only eight more blocks to go. Greek Cross (June) Octagon Block (June)

Quilting Again

Today I sewed again since I started knitting, I was knitting crazy for a while, but I got it back under control for a little while. I have got to develop some healthy balance between my sewing and knitting so I am thinking a time frame each day I will sew or knit so that I am in harmony. I completed my May blocks today, the modern log cabin I cut a bit on the wonky side because it was squaring up too perfectly and I wanted somethng a little more visually interesting and the instructor Amy gave us the go ahead to be creative. The wonky 5-sided log cabin was fun to make because even when my cuts were not perfect it worked, at one point I am sure I had more than 5 sides but with the crazy wonkiness I was able to get it back on track, not bad. Modern Log Cabin (May)   Wonky 5-Sided Log Cabin (May)

A Fingerless Glove

If I ever wanted to start sewing again I needed to get some of the knitting out of my system.  So I made the main item I wanted to knit, fingerless glove. So last Sunday I completed one of my fingerless glove the pattern is by Maggie Smith  Easy Fingerless Mitts , doing the cuff took a while to complete because I did a gazillion ripping back to get it how I wanted it. Once the glove was complete, I was fine with showing off just the one glove LOL everyone at work admired it, but there is a big fact I needed to make another for my other hand, I will get to the second glove some time soon, I hope. I am hearing that this is a dilemma some knitters face knitting gloves and socks, you make one and have no motivation to make the other.  So how does one remain motivated to make that second glove or sock, I see I have some research ahead of me. (P.S. Summer 2013 I completed the other hand of this glove and gave to my son as a gift) Completed Glove   Stockinette Stitch above

Ruffle Sashay Scarf

I came from work on Thursday and decided I will tackle trying to make the Sashay scarf. I am so glad it came out just like it should, one can never know with a project what will happen. I finished up the scarf on Friday and wore for the first time on Saturday.  I followed the Red Heart Yarns video suggestion and cast on six stitches in every other opening, can't wait to make the blue, I plan on giving it as a gift.