Smithsonian Expectation Met

I had a great trip in Washington DC saw the monuments and visited the Smithsonian museums, not all of them the place is immense.  Below I am modeling my scarf again, needed it on that day it was sunny but blistery cold.

Wearing my First Knitted Scarf in Washington
It was a very fitting trip for me because the of the Abraham Lincoln movies right now, I did see the movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, I know I thought the same thing too, have they lost their minds, but it was a pretty good movie, I enjoy watching paranormal movies and I also enjoy the books.  Plus I read recently that there is new Lincoln movie staring Sally Fields and Daniel Day-Lewis, a really authentic period movie, I won't miss it. 

I feel in tuned with the atmosphere of reflecting on a time past, and museums are filled with many things from times gone by, the entire trip was fun and exhilarating and the capital did not disappoint.

Abraham Lincoln Monument
The Museum of American History had many special items one of them was this sewing machine the 1889 patent model by James Osterhout and Joseph Hallenbeck, this machine has improvement for buttonhole-making.  I recently completed my first buttonholes on my Picnic Blanket Skirt using the buttonhole feature on my Singer 8220C, so seeing this machine warmed my heart.

At the Smithsonian Castle on display were a pair of figure skates, I had a flashback to when Kristi Yamaguchi won that gold medal wearing those skates.

I love popcorn and I love popcorn more when it is served up from a stagecoach, I gotta have some.
The Freer Gallery has exhibits on Asian art, ceramics and so much more, but within the heart of the Museum is this darling of a courtyard, such tranquility.



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