Knitting First Scarf

The power is back on, so I can get back on track with my quilting, however during the power outage a result  of hurricane Sandy I decided I needed another creative outlet if I cannot sew, so I am learning to knit and this all started from a conversation I had last Thursday Nov 1, 2012.

I was motivated to teach myself to sew clothing, I have admired knitted items, but I was never motivated to teach myself to knit, like it was not going to happen ever..  So it took a Hurricane, No Power, and Sharon hearing me gripe again how I hate that the power was out because I cannot sew. 

Shar shared with me that you can knit without power even by candle light, and she offered to teach me, WHAT did I hear correctly, she nodded her head yes I had heard correctly she will teach me how to knit, and not one to leave it up to chance Shar even promise to bring me supplies the following Monday.

Fortunately for me Sharon is a friend on the job, so I will be able to get tips and tricks very quickly and easily ;-), she is a master knitter, that lady could knit you into a blanket.  I have always admired her knitting projects, from hats, scarves, bags, blankets and flowers, I have been hinting  that she should create a blog,  Shar has made me more aware of the art that goes into knitting and she even knitted me a hat last winter.

On Monday Nov 5, when I came into work there was a bag on my chair with two bundle(skein) of yarn in a rich Wine color, very trending color, loved it right away, two sets of needles a bamboo and a metal pair, and at lunch I had my first lesson in knitting with Sharon, I learned the continental knitting style, how to cast on, creating my basic knit stitch the garter stitch, for my first project a scarf and for an hour I practice making my stitch and learning the lingo.

When I got home last night, once I settled in front of the TV tuned to my DVR to catch up on all the shows I missed, I got back to practicing my knitting.  After countless shows, and hundreds of knit stitches later, I looked up and it was 3 a.m. and I had completed a nice little rectangular section of my first scarf.  I have tears in my eyes just thinking only two days ago I could only look at knitted items and admire, now I can create a knitted item WOW.
Nice Rectangular of my First Scarf


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