Knitting Fever

Yes I have the fever for knitting, I even signed up for a Ravelry account, much knitting has been going on since my last post.  I had finished my first skein of yarn, how does one pronounce skein the online dictionary was very helpful, but I found another link at Crochet Spot website that answer the question in the most entertaining way, how do you pronounce skein.?

On Wednesday 11/7 I was ready to add in my second yarn, and Sharon suggested how about if I started the second yarn with a larger needle US 11, then I could work in my previous knitted yarn into the new.  I was a bit puzzled because it would not match in size I had used a size US 9 needle to create my practice knits.

No it would not match, and I also to grasp another important fact, I would need to unravel all my stitches from the practice knitting to work it into the new,, I felt like someone was trying to steal my slice of chocolate cake, and I held my first knitting in disbelief, I had spend many hours knitting up that first yarn bundle how could I unravel it. 

After much discussion I agreed to unravel the previous knitting LOL, once the decision was made to unravel I went at it with gusto, I have totally lost my fear of unravelling.  I also liked the idea of a larger needles equal larger loops which would make my scarf much softer, and I liked my new bigger needles with the pink top, thank you Shar, that little bit of pink made me happy, plus I could use my newly acquired skill to make the scarf a bit nicer.

Bamboo US 11 Needle

While the knitting fever was still running high, I dashed over to Michaels on Friday to gather more information and some yarn, with the weekend coming up, I wanted to be prepared for any knitting issues that may arise.  I purchase two great books by Patons one on knitting and another on crocheting and some Simply Soft multi-color yarn that I can use to  make knitted/crochet flowers. Yes I have been wanting some knitted/crochet flowers for a while.

I used to crochet many years ago, I figured now is a good opportunity to re-acquaint myself with that skill.  Jill from the job, another knitter, who is heavily into crocheting, gave me a crochet needle size K, to get me started.  I had a elastic needle threader that I think will work just as well as a embroidery needle for sewing in the tails of my yarn (update: the elastic threader bodkin worked ok, but it is a bit on the long side, so I will need an embroidery needle to work shorter tails, and for better maneuverability).

Knitting and Crochet Books, K Hook, Threader Bodkin

Multi-Color Yarn

With the larger needle I casted on 18 stitches instead of the 25 I did for the practice knits,  I needed to add the extra yarn over the weekend, but with no Sharon or Jill to help out, I turned to books and web to help me out.  I use the technique I found in the Patons Next Step One knitting, there is a section on how to add more yarn, where you tie the tails of first and second yarn together then sew it in later.

Tail marking the adding of yarn

My scarf took two skein of yarn to complete, I finished knitting the scarf last night, the next step was casting off, never done that before so I searched the web until I found a great video on Videojug site how to cast off it worked like a charm.

Casting off finishing my end


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