Knitting, Crocheting Notions and Stash

I have accepted the inevitable that I like knitting and a bit of crocheting so that means I will be buying notions and creating a bit of stash.

My Stash
I bought some medium weight yarn for flowers making, additional crochet hooks, and knitting needle, I invested in the Clover Chibi darning needles that will work better than the elastic threader I was using prior, stitch markers which will help keep me on track when I advance to more complicated knitting projects, and I did not stop there I made some additional purchases.

Medium Weight Yarn

Hooks, Knitting Needles, Darning Needles and Stitch Markers
While searching online for more info on knitting I came across this fabolous video on a brand of yarn by Red Heart Yarns called Boutique Sashay.  How could I resist learning how to knit with Sashay, I just love saying the word Sashay, Sashay.


I figure knitting is one of those skills if you do not use it you could lose it.  So should I take a break from knitting, and forget some of the technique, the I can't believe I'm knitting book will help remind me how to knit, purl, increase and decrease, the instuctions are large, clear, and in color.

I bought a nice craft light that I can use for many projects, it also has a magnifier attach, can't wait to break that out. 
Light with Magnifier


  1. Wow! Now, you're knitting? Amazing.

    I never learned how to knit. Something else for me to look into.

  2. You may find you like it, I didn't think I would, but I am hooked.


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