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More Quilting

Completed my Broken Spider Web block and I am ready to do some more quilting.  As we try to recover from Hurricane Sandy that came thru on 10/29, I have not done much quilting or sewing because there is no power, I find I am reading more during this time either by candle or flash light but as nice as that was, I needed some heat, HGTV, blog plus check email, so I am hanging by a friend who recently got power. Broken Spider Web (Mar)

Diamond Hydrendria Banksia Blouse

I am so happy right now I completed my Banksia Blouse today, using the Diamond Hydrendria cotton fabric I got at JoAnn. This is my first blouse, it will go so well with my naughty secretary Pencil Skirt .  I have definitely learned to take it slow and I believe the cotton fabric was easier to handle so my top stitching was much better, right now I have a big smile and doing a jig in my head.

Quilting into March Blocks

I have completed my January and February Blocks, and one block from March, I am working on finishing my second March block called Broken Spider Web. it is similar to the Sting block but with star shape in the middle from background fabric instead of a square. I never knew I would be so into quilting, I also like the ability to free form with my strips if I wish, my seams does not always match up, but if you want near perfect seams and corners your measurement needs to be on point, I am so glad there is much that I can live with, or I would go crazy quilting.   Chunky Chevron Block (Feb)  Balkan Puzzle (Feb)   String Block (Mar) 

Asterisk & Wonky Quilt Blocks

I have always wanted to make a quilt and so I decided to do the  Craftsy Block of the Month  with Amy Gibson. The class is free but you do need to purchase your own supplies. You can use the recommended fat quarter bundle for the class or you can freestyle it. I went with the recommendation, I decided I did not want to try and figure out how to match my colors while learning to make each block, but next time I may be ready to get really funky with it and use some Amy Butler or Moda fat quarter. I joined the class back in January 2012, but had a few other projects going on, but I am now ready to get my quilting on. For the month of January there are two quilt blocks the Asterisk and the Wonky Pound Sign block,  below are my first 2 blocks. Asterisk (Jan)   Wonky Pound Sign (Jan)  

My Books on Sewing and Crafting

I love to read, mainly Historical Romances, Home Garden Magazines, Fashion magazines and some Sci-Fi.  I recently purchase a copy of Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing , I noticed that my sewing book collection is growing. In The Beginning Months ago when I decided I wanted to make my first pencil skirt, I decided I needed a book that would give me as much knowledge as possible to help me succeed, on Amazon I found the Reader's Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing and Fabric Sewing Guide by Claire Shaeffer. Shopping online for books is great, one they deliver, two you can see all the reviews, and three there is so much to choose from. My first sewing book with patterns was Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp, I made the Naughty Secretary Pencil  Skirt from the pattern included, there is a yoga pants pattern, a tie, bag and boxers pattern also included. Being an adventurous beginner I was naturally drawn to the The Complete Book of Home Crafts edited by