The September Issue (Vogue)

When I read Peter's blog back on August 15th,  MPB Exclusive September Vogue: First Impression, I did not think about the impression it would make on me.

A week later I am surfing my Netflix movie lists and went under documentary out of curiosity, and I found a fashion documentary called  "The September Issue".  This documentary is about the creating of the Vogue 2007 September Issue, naturally I was drawn to see what goes into the making of this issue.  It was sweet to get a peek into what goes on behind the scenes, and to see faces and names that works at the fashion mag.

It boggles the mind how much work goes into creating those pages, glamarous as it appears, there are lots of hard working people making it happen.  Once I completed watching the documentary, I had to get a Vogue September issue of my own, and a few days later I purchased a copy of Vogue September Issue 2012, and I now look at this issue with new found insight.

I am not sure if this will be a yearly purchase, but I now have an issue to add to my collection of must have magazines/books. This is my second magazine in my collection with Lady Gaga on the cover, I purchase the Vanity Fair January 2012 issue also with Gaga on the cover, impressions can come from many sources.

New York Fashion Week 2012

September is also known for the NYC Fashion Week, and the local public channel 21 WLIW is showing a program titled The "Tents: New York Fashion Week".  I recorded the program (love my DVR) and watched it recently.

It is a documentary about how the Fashion Week evolved and how the Tents came into being at Bryant park, and the various individuals, businesses, designers etc, who were involved in making this happen. There were numerous reminiscing on past shows, as everyone said their goodbye to an era, as the NYC Fashion Week move to their new digs at the Lincoln Center.


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