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Banksia Blouse Collar & Woven Labels

My Hydrangea Diamond fabric is working out pretty nicely as a blouse, after I cut out the front and back peices, I realized I did not have enough fabric and had to make a quick trip to JoAnn luckily for me they still had some in stock.

I have sewed the front and back pieces plus attached the collar, did not do much over the past few days, but hoped to complete collar and move to the next step.

 My woven labels from Lucky Label arrived a few days ago, it took some time to decide on a label maker, and to choose the type of label, woven versus printed. I found Lucky on Esty, they offered the woven in small quantity for a reasonable price. 

Fabric for My Banksia Blouse & Dress

I was not sure of color or fabric to use for the Banksia Sew Along, but in my stash I had some pinkish quilting cotton fabric I bought to make a skirt, and I recently bought some black and white cotton gingham because it was on sale.

So I am thinking of making the blouse from the pink fabric, and possibly a Banksia Dress from the gingham, aren't I brave.

My Banksia blouse pattern was in the mail when I got home last night so I am ready to start cutting. Yes I could not resist getting the Kelly skirt pattern also, so little time so much sewing to do.

Parties are Fun, Gertie's Book Launch

I made it to Gertie's book launch on September 15th, at The Sewing Studio, I am so glad I did, Gertie is the real deal, warm, cheerful and very retro.  I also ran into a few people from a day in the city with MPB, Donna recognized me across the crowd, and Peter and Micheal arrived while the party was in full swing.

I picked up my copy of "Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing", and Gertie signed it for me, yeah!
I also took a picture of the cake, pity I did not not stick around to get a slice maybe next time.

Congratulations Gertie, and I am looking forward to many hours of sewing.

The September Issue (Vogue)

When I read Peter's blog back on August 15th,  MPB Exclusive September Vogue: First Impression, I did not think about the impression it would make on me.

A week later I am surfing my Netflix movie lists and went under documentary out of curiosity, and I found a fashion documentary called  "The September Issue".  This documentary is about the creating of the Vogue 2007 September Issue, naturally I was drawn to see what goes into the making of this issue.  It was sweet to get a peek into what goes on behind the scenes, and to see faces and names that works at the fashion mag.

It boggles the mind how much work goes into creating those pages, glamarous as it appears, there are lots of hard working people making it happen.  Once I completed watching the documentary, I had to get a Vogue September issue of my own, and a few days later I purchased a copy of Vogue September Issue 2012, and I now look at this issue with new found insight.

I am not sure if this will be a yearl…

My Picnic Blanket Skirt

Yeah, I have completed my picnic blanket skirt, I was determine to complete the skirt on Labor Day, mission accomplished, I completed it late last night, and woke up early next day to take the photo outside before I dash off to work.
I learned so many new techniques making this skirt, gathering, buttonholes, attaching a waist band, and creating the placket, whew!! what a trip, but so well worth it. 

I found the thought of making the buttonholes a tad bit intimidating, but until you make one you can never know the feeling when you know, you got this.

The seersucker material was a bit stretchy and light so I used some woven fusible interface on wrong side of the fabric to reinforce the back of the buttonhole, and that made creating the buttonhole much easier.

Plus my Singer 8220C came with the buttonhole capability, this feature made it so much easier for me, thank you Singer.

Skirting, Gathering and Hemming

I did quite a bit since I started this skirt, entered a bag competition, had a fun day in NYC with Peter and Friends, went on a Vacation to Jamaica, and now I am fully inspired to complete the skirt.

I finally gathered my skirt using the technique I learned from Teri, who I met at the MPB day in NYC on August 11th. Teri recommended I used a heavier weight thread like carpet thread etc., I bought some leather thread that day in NYC for this project. You would not add the heavy thread to the machine instead you lay it in a straight line on the fabric within the seam allowance, and do a zig zag stitch over the heavier thread, when done pull the heavy thread and walla gathering begins.

I sewed on the waistband and pinned the hem, and measured where I will be adding the buttons and buttonhole. I decided to go with top stitching the back part of the waistband to the skirt, stitching in the ditch I believe it is call was not easy. After I was done, I remember I had my disappearing marker I…

Jamaica Vacation Treasures

I came back from vacation last weekend, I went to my native Island of Jamaica to visit family and friends and to renew my energy and soak up some love. I had a great time and received some wonderful treasures from my mom, by now you may start to realized I love treasures.

My mom gave me a pair of red crochet doilies and a green crochet doily I recall from my childhood, plus a pair of small drinking glass also from my childhood. Since I stated sewing I look at clothing and home decor items in a different light, I am more observant of the creative work that went into making the item, and this makes them more treasured.

View across the Kingston Harbor

 The day after I arrived I decided to visit my Aunt and Uncle, and my Grand Uncle in eastern part of the Island in the Parish of Portland and St. Thomas respectively.

My aunt live just outside of Port Antonio, in Portland, and her property is just lovely, she grows most of her own vegetables, and the big plus is she has a river running in…