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On Saturday August 11th, I attended my first MPB day in NYC. My day started off as part of a small group at the Chelsea Flea Market, then on to the FIT Museum where we met up with the rest of the group, a bit of lunch at the Brown Cup near the Museum, then on to shopping in the Garment District, a quick stop at Around the World Fashion Publication Inc they have La Mia Boutique and Burda Style pattern magazine and so much, much more, then afternoon snack at Kinokuniya book store, and end of day leisurely chat in Bryant Park. 

Thank you Peter for an exciting day and it was great meeting all the fellow sewists from around the country and those from far away lands.

Teri, Marty, Peter, Harriet and Linda (Flea Market Group)

 Chelsea Flea Market 

I like items from Period, Victorian, Medieval, and Regency time frame like clothing, accessories, novels, home decor, photos, movies, and music .  The Victorian foreign postcards I purchased in the lower garage area of the flea market. I like the clothing of that period, one of the postcard had a scene of people sewing, I enlarged it so you can get a closer look.

Just down the block is the Chelsea open air flea market and I found this treasure, a little book on the Ballet by Walter Terry, the book gives a brief history of the Ballet but what drew me in was the bit about how to enjoy the Ballet.  In the past I could appreciate the dancing skills and hard work that went into being a ballet dancer, but the music not so much.

After years of absorbing many things Medieval and Victorian especially those ballroom scenes from movies, I have developed a bit of an appreciation for classical music. I purchased my first classical album the 50 Most Essential Pieces of Classical Music some months later in February 2012, and one of the selection is Swan Lake the music from a famous Ballet, so this little book on the Ballet was waiting in the wings for me to come along.

Found more treasures at the open air market on 25th St near 6th Ave. I bought some Silver plated items a couple goblets, a sugar bowl and a few spoons, that reminded me of a time gone by however, they do need a good polishing to bring back the shine.

I have no plans of using these items for their intended purposes, they are for fun use, for some bits and bobs, or bits and pieces or odds and ends if I have completely lost you.

FIT Museum

I have been to a few museums but this is my first visit to a Fashion Museum, some museums I may only visit once and others I will visit repeatably if possible, the FIT Museum will be on my repeat list.  The collection that was available on August 11th, 2012 will be at the FIT Museum through November 2012, every item is simply beautiful and well crafted a must see. 

Garment District

The first fabric store on my tour of the Garment district was Chic Fabric on W 39th, I discovered some great finds like the Pink Cotton Floral fabric that I will use for my summer dress, the Blue and Burgundy Charmeuse great finds no plans for those yet.

At Daytona Beads and Trimmings I got the Invisible Zippers, yep I bought quite a few, because I sense I will be sewing a few more skirts and possibly some toiletry bags, very ambitious I know, there was a sale :-).

The Bags in Bloom book I got at the Japanese Bookstore Kinokuniya across from Bryant Part on the Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave if you cannot remember all of that). I could not resist this book I am on a bag craze right now, and until it goes out of my blood all things bag I am drawn to, but this book has some great embroidery that I can use not only for bags but for other items too.

What is a visit to the Garment district without some photos of the iconic landmarks

Garment District 39th & 7th
Garment District 39th & 7th


  1. It was great meeting you at the meet-up. Thanks for posting your purchases. I saw the post card, but everything else must have been "kept under wraps" at the show and tell. Hope to see you again next year!

    1. Hi, it was great meeting you too. Yes I was a bit slow getting to the show and tell because I was shopping for that book. I was glad to be able to meet up with everyone again later in the day. It was an incredible day, and looking forward to seeing you too next year.

  2. Oooo great buys! I love the colours you chose!


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