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Dress or Skirt (Seersucker)

At times I change direction when I make a plan, now I know why most people avoid plans, but I am a planner by nature. A good plan gets me off in the right direction even if I do decide to take a short side trip, eventually I get back on course. My quest was to complete a skirt, a bag and a dress, I have completed 2 of my 3 quests so far, but I am finding that getting to the dress is less inspiring, even though I have a great Simplicity summer dress pattern that I gained at the Pattern Review Weekend pattern swap in NYC. However, my sewing genie is saying make another skirt, especially the Tilly and the Buttons inspired Picnic Blanket Skirt. The dilemma is, I have some wonderful grayish blue stripe seersucker I planned to use for the dress, now I want to use the fabric for the skirt, ahhh decisions.  Something tells me there will be some fabric shopping in the near future, because this fabric is begging to be a skirt. From

Bag Finale

Yippee, it is done the Butterick Pattern B4822 bag C, is complete.  The feeling is much like being on a slide, thru the twist and turns, and before you know it you are at the bottom, or in this case you are at the end. I must admit I learned quite a bit while putting this bag together, bags can be a bit of challenge but the results is so worth it. I did have a few design updates I would like to add when I make this bag again, such as a velcro closure for the inside pocket, and possibly a pocket on the exterior.

Mini Bag

Following a pattern takes patience and there are times when it can be challenging to decipher how to put the item together. I ran into a bit of a problem making my fabric bag, how to connect the fabric handle after I had connected the lining to the exterior of the bag.  I just could not envision how it would work, so I had to make a miniature sample bag to work out the kinks. My model is borrowed courtesy of a friend, ironically in the summer issue of Sew Stylish magazine, there is an article that recommended using wooden figures as mini dress form, glad to know I am on target with the trend.

Tilly and the Buttons: Unwrapping Papercut Patterns

I discovered a new pattern site called Papercut Patterns, on the Tilly and Buttons site. I had to share it, they carry such cute patterns and I like them all, but my favorite has to be the Circle Top, now I want one in every color I love. Tilly and the Buttons: Unwrapping Papercut Patterns

A Bag, Anyone?

Currently I am in the process of making a fabric bag, the one labled C in the upper left on the pattern cover. I picked up this Butterick pattern during the pattern swap at the Pattern Review weekend in NYC this past May. As I read the pattern instructions, I decided I wanted a bit more information on how to contruct a bag. So I went to my trusty computer to find information on bag making and found this great site on  bag making  for newbies   by Lisa Lam. The site also give some good info on interfacing which helped me, because I am using Calico fabric that needed some support. If you have any tips to share on bag making your ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Pencil Skirt

Making the  Naughty Secretary Skirt   took some time, but I have completed it and the feeling is sweeeeet. I had the option to make the skirt with or without a lining, for the first skirt I went without a lining, and used a linen blend fabric.  Not sure how many of you felt this way after finishing a project, but immediately upon completion I wish I had used a more vibrant print instead of black. That means I will be making this skirt again. I am still working on having barely there hem stitches, but I believe that will take practice, practice, practice to develop.