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Pillow and Oven Mitts


My first steps in the adventure of making my own pencil skirt back in January 2012 led me to my first project  "The French Envolope Pillow".  In Diana Rupp's, Sewing Studio class on Craftsy I learned how to make the French Envelope Pillow plus the Naughty Secretary skirt.

I was able to complete the pillow using all remnant fabric I bought on a whim at Jo-Ann, and I had a standard pillow I had gotten from iKea as the pillow form. I liked the finish product so much and I had enough fabric left over, I made another pillow right away.

Pattern Front

 French Style Back


Oven Mitts

I found these juicy Oven Mitts pattern online at Sew4Home, after making the pillows, so they became my next project, I just had to make them, yes I still planned on making the skirt. But the mitts looked like a fairly simple and fun project to get me going, while I work my way up to doing my first actual piece of clothing garment.

I like Pirate theme items, again I used remnants for the cuff, out of skulls with pink crossbones fabric, linen for the exterior, quilting cotton for the lining, I created the appliques myself from black linen fabric and scraps from the lining.


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