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Pillow and Oven Mitts

Pillow My first steps  in the adventure of making my own pencil skirt back in January 2012 led me to my first project  " The French Envolope Pillow ".  In Diana Rupp's, Sewing Studio class on Craftsy  I learned how to make the French Envelope Pillow plus the Naughty Secretary skirt. I was able to complete the pillow using all remnant fabric I bought on a whim at Jo-Ann, and I had a standard pillow I had gotten from iKea as the pillow form. I liked the finish product so much and I had enough fabric left over, I made another pillow right away. Pattern Front  French Style Back Remnants Oven Mitts I found these juicy Oven Mitts pattern online at Sew4Home , after making the pillows, so they became my next project, I just had to make them , yes I still planned on making the skirt . But the mitts looked like a fairly simple and fun project to get me going, while I work my way up to doing my first actual piece of clothing garment. I like Pirate th

It begins

Usually for me it begins when I cannot find what I need, then I come up with an idea, and "walla" I am knee deep in before I know what is happening, and that is how I begun my journey of sewing.  I decided to make a Skirt, then I made a pair of Pillows, Oven Mitts, and now I am making a Bag, I have come to the the realization that I will sew just about anything. Welcome to my blog, creating makes me happy, and sharing with others who also enjoy creating will be enjoyable indeed.