Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ft Tryon Park Medieval Festival

Today was a grand day for all the medieval folks as the Knights and Ladies were all at the park, having a dandy old time. I love medieval festival, this one in particular is great because The Cloisters Museum is within the park.

Ironwork on door to chapel - The Cloisters

The Cloisters upper garden


Espaliered Pear

My Ewe Ewe Scarf

August was my most crafty month this year.  I wonder if Crafters like Writers suffers from block. My creative gene went on an extensive holiday and only recently returned.

To welcome back this creative butterfly, I decided to make My Ewe Ewe Scarf. This is my first scarf where I added a different color yarn, it was daunting but I got the hang of it, after watching various tutorials.

Also create a liner for long basket

Fairy Tale and Denim Fashion Experience

On the final day of Fairy Tale exhibition in April, I discovered the lower level of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) museum transformed into a wonderland of inspiring fashion. 

The exhibit ran the full gamut of fairy tales. Outside of the recognizable characters, red cloak and witches hat, I found the exhibit refreshing a new way to look at story book fashion, making them realistic and wearable. 



On the upper level was the Denim exhibition, so it was great if you had brought the hubby along.  I enjoy wearing denim and most of all stretch denim so forgiving.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Travel Adventures second half of 2015

November 2015

We took a quick weekend getaway to the Poconos to round out the year.

August 2015

My grand European eight day tour with Gate 1 tours, on route to the start of the tour I transferred flight at Reykjavik airport in Iceland, and naturally I picked up an Icelandic sweater. Tour started in Amsterdam, then on to Bruges, Brussels, and Paris.


First visit and so going back, two days of fun filled events, went on a canal boat tour, visited a cheese + clog farm and saw an authentic windmill still working. I visited the Anne Frank House it was very real and touching to be walking thru the very rooms where they all hid.

It rain buckets the next day, and not to be deterred I sloshed thru the rain to visit the Van Gogh museum. At it's heart the citizens love to go about by bicycle, it is an every part of life in Amsterdam.

Our guide Arjan took us on a walkabout night tour, tame enough, but we did see a few things to go make us go oohh!

Van Gogh Museum mural I added the smaller image
Irene Hoeve Cheese + Clogs store

Small bike park the most bikes I have ever seen at one time,
until I saw the multi level bike park wow.

Bruges and Brussels

When I saw the name Bruges on the travel itinerary I immediately thought of the movie "In Bruges" until that movie I had no clue about this town.

Movies are famous for many things, and geography is one of them. I wish I thought of that while growing up, geography was my favorite subject. I am pretty sure my parents would have allowed more tv watching if I had presented that argument, nah probably not, but it is a nice thought.


Transport you back to another time with its medieval architecture, craftsman ship and history.


I tried so many unique chocolate, and had waffle smothered in chocolate for desert. It was like a chocolate paradise, and they sure do take their beer seriously.

Each beer has it's own glass,
if glass is not available time to drink a different beer


I visited Paris in 2011 on my birthday, for a one day tour during my visit to London, we visited the Louvre, went for on a cruise on the Seine, and had lunch at the Eiffel Tower restaurant.

This time I had two whole days in Paris, I got to see the Eiffel Tower lit at night, went to Versailles one word to describe this palace "Massive"

Flowers at Versailles sandwich by hedges 

Dinner at A La Petite Chaise was great, french onion soup and the duck, such a unique atmosphere.

Many of the iconic landmark in Paris have some great views. I was inspired to climb to new heights.

Eiffel Tower viewed from a top the Notre Dame
Gargoyle a top Notre Dame
View from a top the Arc de Triomphe
Stairwell in the Arc de Triomphe, yep that many

View from a top Musee D'orsay 
Unintentional blurry artsy picture at dusk of the
back of my tour friend Arlene at Montmartre Paris

June 2015

Visited Jamaica again in 2015 and the island flowers were in bloom, enjoy them all, I sure did.